What's Location Intelligence?

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a map tells a story."- Kevin H. Donlon, Second Generation Commercial Realtor

And that story is made up of geographic data, of which more is available than ever before.    How do you navigate what's relevant to you as an investor or seller?  We can help.

Target and Market - Lead and Listings Builder

Say you'd like to target Frio County landowners who own more than 500 acres and front the Frio River.  We can provide that list of names and addresses, PLUS a map of each individual property, quickly and affordably.

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Story Maps - Websites with Interactive Maps

A state-of-the-art marketing tool:  a location-specific website with video, photos, interactive maps and a story.  If you'd like to see one version in action, open the Learn More Link on the left, for our Target and Market Listings Builder.

Benefits of Location Intelligence from Real Estate GIS

There are software programs that can help you make maps.  They are simple to use but lack the professional tools and analysis to unlock he power and usefulness of the data.

Location Intelligence can:

  • Provide visual validation and a level of transparency the seller and the buyer will appreciate
  • Reveal assets that may go unnoticed and undetected
  • Provide the key to a committed prospect at showing
  • Prepare your client for a level of service and expertise available to firms with GIS and Marketing Departments


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Let's Map your Success

With the launch of our new Target and Market and Story Selling Sites, we're offering special incentives to our first tier clients.